Photo of entire Moy Studio team

In the year 2000, I found myself in a gap in my professional career, ready to leave an unfulfilling job behind and focus on what really matters to me. Rooted in a deep passion for aesthetics and colors with the support of experienced local talent, the story of Moy began. 

What started in the living room has    grown into a team of over thirty    dedicated staff & skilled artisans.    Together, we connect traditional    elements and materials with Filipino    creativity and an eye for color to    create modern and  yet timeless    fashion jewelry and contemporary    accessories for the worldly woman.    We strive for sustainability in    everything we do and limit    our impact on the environment as    it is after all, the source of what we    make. Moy embraces the art of traditional    handcrafting using indigenous materials    and techniques while constantly    challenging local artisans to collaborate    and innovate. We hope you enjoy wearing    our pieces as much as we enjoy making them.


Artisans working on wooden necklaces and bracelets

Artisans polishing and creating wooden beads for jewelry