How to Pick the Perfect Earrings for Your Face Shape

Best Earrings for your Face Shape

Have you ever went jewelry shopping and just threw in pairs after pairs of earrings like there’s no tomorrow? Then when you get home and tried them on, you realized they don’t exactly look as great as you thought they would. Don’t worry. You’re not alone when you get credit-card-swipe happy.



Just as when we’re shopping for clothes, we want to get the right size that complements our body. Same with picking out earrings, you want to get ones that flatter your face the most. Don’t get me wrong though, earrings are meant to accessorize anyone and everyone’s faces, but sometimes, certain styles just look better than others when put on.



Here are some suggestions according to your face shape:


Diamond shaped faced Halle Berry and Moy earrings


Face Characteristics: High cheekbones are probably the first things you’ll notice. Diamond face shapes are usually longer, and your forehead and chin are narrower than you cheekbones.
Earrings: To compliment and balance your features, you can try wide set earrings. Thin delicate dangling earrings with no sharp angles can also be beautiful. 

        Heart face shaped Scarlett Johansson and Moy earrings


Face Characteristics: Probably the most ideal face shape in my opinion, for the fact that it’s the most identifiable (I can’t seem to define mine). If you have a wide set forehead and a narrow chin, then you my friend have a heart-shaped face. 
Earrings: As mentioned in the Diamond recommendation, you’ll want to create balance. You can try some that are wider at the bottom of the earrings. Ones with softer curves are also flattering.

Oval shaped face Ursula Corbero and Moy earrings


Face Characteristics: The face shape, that’s in a way, a perfect canvas for earrings. Your forehead to your temples and down to your high cheekbones blends smoothly. Your forehead isn’t too wide. Your face can maybe narrow a bit down to a rounded chin. 
Earrings: You can try a variety of everything! It’ll be up to a personal preference at this point, but a few ideas would be round soft curved earrings like teardrop shaped or oval shaped, which will compliment your natural contour. 

Square shaped face Margot Robbie and Moy earrings


Face Characteristics: Pretty straightforward angular face shape, wherein your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are about the same width.  
Earrings: Hoops are great or medium to long length earrings would look perfect too. Rounded or angular edged earrings can look amazing too as they soften your face’s angles.

Round shaped face Emma Stone and Moy earrings


Face Characteristics: This is a more full faced person, where your cheeks are the widest points, but remains the same all around. Like a circle really. 
Earrings: Since we want to create balance, avoid round or circular earrings. You can go for long dangling earrings or drop earrings to elongate your face. 

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